Having healthy gums is the foundation to strong, healthy bones and beautiful teeth. Gums keep your teeth in place, and they are also your body’s primary defense against the plaque and bacteria in your mouth that can cause damage. At Bingham Dental and Orthodontics, your overall health is our priority, and healthy gums are key to maintaining a healthy body. Our skilled hygienists will be happy to evaluate the health of your gums, along with Dr. Tab Bingham. Our hygienist, Chelsea, does an excellent job of returning your mouth to its complete health. Because your health is our priority, and unhealthy gums may affect your overall health, we gently and thoroughly monitor and treat your gums to provide you optimum health. You can read more about our periodontal treatments in Magna, Utah, below or call or text 801-250-7422 to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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