The teeth in the back of your mouth are called molars, while the teeth in the front are known as incisors. But what about the teeth on each side of those front teeth? The ones that look a little like fangs? Because they look similar to a dog’s fangs, they are called canine teeth, and they are used to chew food and even to speak. On occasion, canine teeth are impacted, meaning they have not come in and are still covered with tissue. In this case, our dentist, Dr. Tab Bingham may orthodontically guide the tooth into its proper position.

First, Dr. Bingham will expose the canine by removing gum tissue or teeth that are blocking the canine from erupting properly or that need to be removed to create a place for the canine tooth to come in. When the tooth is sufficiently exposed and space has been made for it, Dr. Bingham will guide it into its new position.

If you think you may be experiencing problems with one of your canine teeth, Dr. Bingham and the team at Bingham Dental and Orthodontics will be happy to see you. To make an appointment for canine exposure in Magna, Utah, call or text 801-250-7422 today and a member of our team will help you plan your visit.

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